The world of Delta is dying...

Caught in the grips of the all-consuming Void.
A force determined to destroy everything in its path.
It knows no mercy or compassion.
As the Void lay waste to our world, few remain, steadfast and unswayed.
They stand, ready to face their fates. Ready to plunge head first into the darkness.
You are one of the few: a scout within Tyr's first order.
Armed with the Guardians, press back against the horde and find salvation for your people.


Fight back against the Void

Elegy is a fast-paced, top-down arena shooter mixed with an RPG.
The game features a branching campaign, so choose your path wisely.
Choose which Guardians to strengthen and take with you in to battle.
With multiple guardians and attack types, tailor your experience to how you like to play.
Mix and match your load out to find your perfect balance.


About the Developers

Elegy is being developed from the ground up by Scott Gamble and David Jozefacki.

Scott is an art-obsessed gamer. From a very young age he became infatuated with the magic of video games and immersed himself in their epic, fantastic worlds. It was this affection that made him want to build worlds of his own. He has since been hellbent on conjuring some magic of his own so that others may enjoy his love of games and the worlds he creates.

David grew up playing games of all kinds, and after a stint learning some things in school about astrophysics and computers, he decided he wanted to make some of his own. David handles the programming side of development: everything from engine development to game system creation and tweaking. Also: bug killing.
He and Scott share design and scripting duties.